Native Union Anchor

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Apple Watch hleðsluflötur. Virkar með Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable.


ANCHOR is a simple but secure base for your Apple Watch and magnetic charging cable. Made from weighted zinc alloy with a non-slip silicon base, it anchors your watch and cable in place, preventing them from dropping to the floor when charging.

Anchor your watch and cable

Your Apple Watch magnetic charger is beautiful and functional, but it can easily fall to the floor, taking your watch with it. ANCHOR is non-slip and weighted, securing your cable and watch in place when charging. Your watch screen remains accessible for checking messages and using apps.

Charging at its most minimal

ANCHOR’s paired back design and small footprint lets your Apple Watch take center stage. Its sleek and stylish silicone and brushed metal finish makes a minimalist design statement on your desk or nightstand, with or without your watch attached.

Assemble in a second

Precision engineered without screws, your Apple Watch magnetic charging cable fits securely between ANCHOR’s two minimal components. Slot them together to create a simple and stylish home for your watch and cable.

Compatible with most Apple Watch straps

Simply unbuckle your watch and magnetically connect it to ANCHOR to begin charging. ANCHOR is compatible with all Apple Watch models and most strap styles, excluding Milanese Loop and Link bracelet which need to be unclipped before connecting.

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