Cygnett UrbanWallet Flip Case fyrir iPhone 7 Plus – Black Leather

8.990 kr.

Veskishulstur fyrir iPhone 7 Plus frá Cygnett


The UrbanWallet Convertible Folio / Slimline Case for iPhone 7 Plus features a black softened genuine leather outer case with a microfiber internal lining along with a magnetic detachable inner case compartment complemented with a metallic finished outer rim.

The case is slimline and stylish fitting in with the personality of an individual who is looking for performance and purpose from their phone cover as well as the added benefit of protection and high level style with a contemporary feel.

Black softened genuine leather and a metallic finish in Space Gray on the outer rim edge frame. This case represents style and sophistication along with a strong functional aspect.

The UrbanWallet has integrated design features for both the speaker on the front of phone and the camera lens on the rear of the phone. There is an auto locating magnetic closure system on both the front and back of the phone allowing a secure closure system when the UrbanWallet is shut closed and the phone is not in use as well. The metallic finish inner case is secured in place using this auto locating magnetic system which allows easy removal of this internal case for use as a stand-alone item.

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